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In an effort to smoke out unscrupulous tax preparers the IRS is requiring 15 hours of continuing education for registered tax preparers. The effort to reform the tax preparation business began in 2010, however the IRS tax preparer continuing education requirement began January 1st of this year.

The IRS has made a few exceptions to the new rule. For example Tax Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and Certified Public Accountants are not required to take IRS tax preparer continuing education courses. Upon completion of 15 hours of tax preparer CE and the issuance of a PTIN, the IRS bestows the title of "Registered Tax Preparer" onto the applicant.

What does it mean for tax preparers and the consumer? The title of registered tax preparer will perhaps offer comfort to the consumer. The already professional tax preparer will be further legitimized in the tax industry while those unscrupulous few will either have to reform their practice or leave the business of tax preparation.