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As of January 1st, 2012, registered tax return preparers will need to take 15 credit hours of tax continuing education from an IRS approved continuing education provider. These continuing education providers must be approved by the IRS before offering tax preparer continuing education courses.

Approved continuing education providers must go through an application process with the IRS and meet strict requirements, some of which include; expertise in tax law, ethics in tax preparation, and be an established continuing education organization. How will registered tax preparers know which continuing education providers are legitimate? Each IRS approved continuing education provider will receive a CE provider number that must appear on each certificate of completion along with the IRS logo.

Continuing education for tax preparers is becoming much more available with online continuing education sites such as, an IRS approved continuing education provider and leader in online continuing education. The tax continuing education courses are authored by a staff of experts in the tax industry with over 20 years of tax preparing experience. Tax preparers should do their research before choosing continuing education providers and check with the IRS to make sure the provider is listed and IRS approved.